Freightliner Trucks: Leading the Way in Modern Trucking

Discover the best in trucking with Daimler Truck North America's Freightliner trucks.

Introducing the Freightliner Plus Series

Discover the latest innovation in trucking with the Freightliner Plus series, available at our Ottawa, Ontario dealership. Engineered with advanced technology and designed for optimal performance, the Plus series proudly introduces models like the M2 106 Plus, M2 112 Plus, 114SD Plus, and 108SD Plus. Whether you're hauling across town or across the country, these trucks promise efficiency, durability, and unparalleled comfort. As the leading Freightliner and Western Star dealership in Ottawa, is your premier destination for all things Freightliner. Dive into a world of powerful performance with the Plus series and drive the future of trucking.

List of Freightliner Models:

Freightliner Trucks: A New Way to Drive

We're excited about Freightliner trucks, and here's why!

Easy-to-Use Controls

Driving a big truck should be easy. Freightliner makes this happen with multi-function controls. These are on the steering wheel, which can tilt and move up and down. So, you can drive in comfort.

Super Comfy Seats

Long drives can be tiring. But in a Freightliner, the seats are super comfy. They can move in different ways to fit just right. This means great comfort for the driver.

Safety First

Freightliner trucks are safe. They have a feature called active brake assist. It helps stop the truck if needed. Plus, the truck's body is made of strong aluminum.

Smooth Driving

The truck has a good electrical system. And with the steering wheel that can tilt and move, driving feels smooth.

Get Your Freightliner with Us

We're in Ottawa, Ontario. Looking for a truck? Or maybe parts for one? We can help. We know all about Freightliner trucks.

Driver-Centric Innovation at Its Best

Elevating Your On-Road Experience with Modern Features

Top Tech Meets Function: Freightliner trucks stand out because they perfectly mix the latest technology with great functionality. These trucks are made with care, thinking about the varied needs of today's truck drivers.

Easy-to-Use Dash: Our new dash design is user-friendly. Bright LED switches make everything clear, helping drivers stay focused on the road.

Comfort Comes First: Step into comfort with our adjustable seats. The steering wheel, controls, and everything else are placed just right, making driving a breeze.

Safety Always: Safety is a big deal for us. With features like smart cruise control, quick brakes, and the CHEC tool, drivers can feel more secure. Think of Detroit Assurance as a helpful co-driver, always looking out for you.

Quiet and Cozy: Our standard cab insulation keeps things quiet. Add top-level trims and driver-friendly features, and every journey feels smooth.

Powered by Detroit Diesel: Every Freightliner truck is powered by a Detroit Diesel engine, known for being dependable and efficient. Ready to take you places!

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