Truck Finance & Insurance

First time buyers, owner operators, fleets, our finance department can help you own your dream.

With 20+ years of industry experience our finance department is dedicated to listening to you and talking with you to help you find the right package that fits your plan. You can learn more about programs available thru our Francis Canada Truck Centre family by viewing our "Current Programs", reviewing some our our "Frequently Asked Questions", or you can contact us today! 

If you are simply interested in applying for credit, please give us a call.


  • Vocational Advantage
  • First Time Buyer Advantage
  • Used Trucks / New Rates
  • Municipalities
  • Agriculture
  • Cascadia FMV Lease Program

Truck Finance & Insurance

Custom Built Trucks

Francis Canada Truck Centres has a wide variety of trucks and tractors on hand for many applications!  But, your always welcome to come into our dealership or have one of our salespersons visit to build a truck specifically to meet your application and needs. 

Custom built trucks don't cost anymore and  they actually can save you thousands of dollars, by having the truck specifically designed to meet your application requirements. Thus you are not carrying extra weight or buying components that  you don't need for your application.

Together with a salesperson you can sit down and literally spec your truck item for item choosing the items important for you. Whether it be a Highway Tractor with a double bunk 70"  sleeper or a day cab dump truck.

From Light Duty M2 Business Class Freightliners to Severe Duty Western Stars, our product lines are the deepest in the business with a truck or Step Van for every application.



Q- How much will I have to put down?
A- Down payments vary depending on the buyer’s overall credit history. A seasoned owner operator can rely upon established credit history to reduce down payment requirements. Remember, a lower down payment will cause equity in the truck to build at a slower rate. Establish a desired trade cycle when purchasing to help you determine down payment requirements to achieve the trade equity you desire when it’s time to trade for your next truck.

Q- How long should I finance my truck?
A- Typically you can finance new units up to 60 months. Used models vary in months of repayment depending on the age of the truck. By selecting a lower term, fewer months of repayment, you can build equity faster due to the larger monthly payment. Longer terms, meaning more monthly payments, will create lower monthly payments. However, longer terms with lower monthly payments could effect your desired trade cycle.

Q- What could I expect my interest rate to be?
A- Interest rates are established on an individual basis and are largely effected by credit history, driving experience, home ownership and status of revolving debts. A first time buyer can expect to pay more interest than an experienced owner operator. Fleets that operator 10 or more power units could qualify for special financing. 

Q- What insurance do I need to cover my truck?
A- If you have financed your truck, the finance company will require proof of physical damage insurance (comprehensive and collision) with their name and address shown as loss payee. Primary liability and non-trucking (bobtail) liability are not required coverages by the finance company, but are highly recommended for the truck owner’s protection.

Q- What is primary liability?
A- Primary liability insurance covers the truck owner’s financial responsibility when involved in an at-fault accident. Primary liability coverage is typically provided by the motor carrier while under their dispatch.

Q- What is non-trucking (bobtail) liability?
A- Non-trucking insurance covers the truck owner’s financial responsibility of an at-fault accident when not under dispatch by the motor carrier.

If you have any questions relating to truck finance and insurance please do not hesitate to contact us.