Redefining Efficiency, Aerodynamics, and Safety.


The Revolutionary Freightliner Supertruck II

Welcome to the Future of Trucking

Get ready to experience the next level in trucking innovation with the Freightliner SuperTruck II. This groundbreaking vehicle is a testament to Freightliner's commitment to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in the industry. Designed with a focus on enhancing powertrain efficiency, reducing rolling resistance, optimizing aerodynamics, and improving safety, the SuperTruck II is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and savings.

At the heart of the SuperTruck II is our customer-centric approach to innovation. We understand the unique challenges our customers face and strive to provide them with cutting-edge solutions that make a real difference on the road. The SuperTruck II is more than just a concept; it's a promise of a brighter, more efficient, and safer future in trucking. Discover the incredible features of the Freightliner SuperTruck II and see how it can revolutionize your fleet today.

Freightliner SuperTruck II logo with vibrant colored truck imagery, showcasing the front and cabin view of the innovative vehicle.

Mastering the Winds: Aerodynamic Design and Efficiency.

Aerodynamically Inspired Efficiency.

Experience the unparalleled aerodynamic design of the Freightliner SuperTruck II and discover how mastering the winds can lead to impressive real-world savings for your fleet.

The Freightliner SuperTruck II takes design cues from nature, specifically the wind, to create a truly aerodynamic masterpiece. By mimicking the wind's ability to sculpt and shape, we have crafted a vehicle with exceptional aerodynamic efficiency that translates into significant fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Key Aerodynamic Features:

The SuperTruck II features a meticulously designed exterior with every element refined to cut through the air, reducing drag and boosting fuel efficiency.

These innovative features work in tandem to close the gap between the tractor and trailer at highway speeds, further enhancing aerodynamics.

With no effort required from the driver, the SuperTruck II automatically lowers its ride height at highway speeds to decrease drag and increase fuel efficiency.

Freightliner Supertruck II with visualized airflow over its aerodynamically designed hood, bumper, windshield, and mirrors, demonstrating efficient wind resistance

Taming the Road: Reducing Rolling Resistance

SuperTruck II: Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

Minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency are critical factors in reducing rolling resistance, which directly impacts fuel consumption and operating costs. The Freightliner SuperTruck II addresses this challenge head-on with innovative technologies designed to keep your fleet rolling smoothly and efficiently..

A key aspect of this mission is our partnership with Michelin, a renowned tire manufacturer. Together, we have developed new tire compounds, treads, and technologies that significantly lower rolling resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Innovative Features for Reducing Rolling Resistance:

The SuperTruck II is equipped with axles that automatically shift from a 6x4 to a 6x2 configuration at highway speeds. This not only enhances fuel efficiency but also extends tire life.

At highway speeds, the SuperTruck II redistributes weight to the tag axle, which has lower rolling resistance. This clever load management system further improves fuel efficiency.

With no effort required from the driver, the SuperTruck II automatically lowers its ride height at highway speeds to decrease drag and increase fuel efficiency.

Michelin tire showcasing innovative tread design and compound, symbolizing the partnership for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Revolutionizing Performance: Powertrain Optimization and Energy Efficiency

Revolutionizing Efficiency, Unleashing Power.

Experience the future of powertrain optimization and energy efficiency with the Freightliner SuperTruck II, and discover how these groundbreaking features can transform your fleet's performance and bottom line.

The Freightliner SuperTruck II redefines powertrain efficiency with its advanced 13-liter engine featuring twin turbochargers and interstage cooling. This cutting-edge engine design results in more efficient air compression, delivering optimal performance and fuel savings without compromising on power.

Innovative Features for Powertrain Efficiency:

The SuperTruck II incorporates the innovative EcoSail system that automatically shuts off the engine on downhill stretches, with all other systems running on battery power. This smart coasting feature saves fuel and reduces emissions.

The addition of a 13th gear in the SuperTruck II's transmission allows for lower down-speeding, which leads to higher fuel savings and improved performance.

The SuperTruck II's electrical system is designed to maximize powertrain efficiencies by running the hoteling feature without the engine running, providing substantial energy savings and a more comfortable environment for drivers.

Advanced 13-liter engine with twin turbochargers and interstage cooling inside the Freightliner SuperTruck II, representing enhanced performance and fuel efficiency.

Innovating for a Safer Future: Advanced Power and Safety Systems

SuperTruck II: Power, Safety, Efficiency.

Experience the cutting-edge power and safety systems of the Freightliner SuperTruck II, and discover how these innovations can enhance the safety, efficiency, and performance of your fleet.

The Freightliner SuperTruck II is engineered to provide not only exceptional performance but also enhanced safety and power systems to ensure a secure and efficient driving experience.

Key Innovations in Power and Safety:

The SuperTruck II features a state-of-the-art 48-volt power steering system that uses significantly less power by adjusting demand only as needed, whether maneuvering at low speeds or cruising at highway speeds. This intelligent system contributes to improved energy efficiency without sacrificing steering precision and control.

By replacing traditional side mirrors with aerodynamic mirrorless cameras, the SuperTruck II offers drivers improved visibility in all lighting conditions. These cameras not only reduce drag but also eliminate common blind spots, ensuring safer and more efficient operation.

Aerodynamic mirrorless camera system on the SuperTruck II, highlighting improved driver visibility, reduced drag, and increased safety by eliminating blind spots.

A Journey of Innovation: The Making of the SuperTruck II

SuperTruck II: Collaborative Innovation.

Discover the incredible journey behind the creation of the Freightliner SuperTruck II and witness how our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and testing has led to the most advanced truck on the market today.

The development of the Freightliner SuperTruck II was a collaborative effort, bringing together the expertise of design, engineering, and global teams. This synergy allowed us to create a vehicle that represents the pinnacle of innovation, efficiency, and performance in the trucking industry.

Key Aspects of the SuperTruck II's Creation:

Our design and engineering teams joined forces, working closely with the global powertrain team, to create the most aerodynamic and efficient truck ever built. This cooperation was critical in achieving the ambitious goals set for the SuperTruck II.

With the level of precision and attention to detail required, the SuperTruck II was assembled by hand, panel by panel, ensuring that every component fit perfectly into place.

The SuperTruck II underwent rigorous testing over thousands of real-world miles and in various conditions. This exhaustive testing process allowed us to learn, refine, and perfect the truck, ensuring it performs at the highest level in any situation.

Artist sketching the initial design of the SuperTruck II, representing the collaboration between design, engineering, and global powertrain teams to create an aerodynamic and efficient truck.

Driving Progress: The Future of Freightliner and SuperTruck II

SuperTruck II: Shaping Tomorrow's Trucking.

At Freightliner, our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has always driven us to develop groundbreaking technologies and designs. With the SuperTruck II, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the trucking industry, ensuring that our customers can rely on our vehicles to meet their ever-evolving needs.

As we look to the future, we remain relentless in our pursuit of advancements that benefit not only our customers but also our planet. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable, efficient, and safer future in trucking, and the SuperTruck II is just the beginning.

We would like to express our gratitude to the U.S. Department of Energy for their invaluable support and co-funding of the SuperTruck II program. Without their partnership, the incredible achievements of the Freightliner SuperTruck II would not have been possible.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of trucking with the Freightliner SuperTruck II, and see firsthand how our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction is shaping the industry for the better.