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Introducing the Unrivaled Western Star 49X

Unrivaled Performance, Durability, and Comfort for Demanding Industries

In the world of heavy-duty trucks, the Western Star 49X emerges as a leader, offering unmatched durability, performance, and comfort. This exceptional vehicle is designed to meet the needs of various industries, from construction and mining to logistics and transportation. With its state-of-the-art technology and robust build, the Western Star 49X is well-equipped to handle even the toughest tasks with ease.


Catering to Both Vocational and Semi-Truck Demands

The Western Star 49X is a versatile truck that caters to the diverse needs of vocational and semi-truck applications. For vocational purposes, the 49X excels in demanding environments such as construction sites, where its rugged build and powerful engine ensure optimal performance. In addition, the 49X's impressive towing capacity makes it an ideal choice for semi-truck operations, efficiently transporting cargo over long distances.

Pioneering New Territory with the 49x

Breaking new ground in the heavy-duty truck market, the Western Star 49X offers innovative features that set it apart from the competition. Its advanced safety systems, fuel-efficient engine, and customizable options ensure an unparalleled driving experience. Furthermore, the 49X incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as driver assistance systems and telematics, to optimize fleet management and enhance driver productivity. With the Western Star 49X, the future of heavy-duty trucking is here.

360-Degree Experience

Step into the immersive world of the 49X with our interactive walkaround feature. Get up close and personal with the truck, inspecting every angle and detail from the comfort of your own device. Rotate the truck 360 degrees, zoom in on specific parts, and experience what it feels like to stand next to the real thing. Create the perfect 49X tailored to your needs and preferences.



Engineered for Severe Service Applications and Customizable to Industry Demands. Uncompromising Strength and Adaptability.

Heavy-Duty Vocational Frame

The Western Star 49X boasts a heavy-duty vocational frame designed to withstand the most challenging working conditions. This robust frame is constructed from high-strength steel, offering exceptional durability and rigidity. The 49X's frame is further reinforced with strategically placed crossmembers, providing additional support and strength to handle demanding applications.

Engineering for Severe Service Applications

The Western Star 49X is engineered specifically for severe service applications, ensuring optimal performance in the harshest environments. Its unique chassis design allows for a variety of suspension options, making it adaptable to various terrains and operational requirements. With its high ground clearance and superior axle capacities, the 49X can easily navigate rough terrain, steep inclines, and challenging road conditions.

Western Star 49x Chassis Details

With its heavy-duty vocational frame, engineering for severe service applications, and numerous chassis details, the Western Star 49X is the ultimate choice for industries requiring a rugged, reliable, and adaptable truck. The Western Star 49X's chassis offers several key features that contribute to its superior performance and adaptability. These include:



A Driver-centric Design with Lightweight Construction and Advanced Safety Features for Unparalleled On-the-Job Efficiency. The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Safety, and Performance.

The Innovation Behind Comfort and Durability

The cab of the 49X is designed to provide operators with a comfortable and safe working environment while offering durability and lightweight construction. The cab's innovative design combines premium-grade aluminum with steel reinforcements to ensure long-lasting performance in even the most demanding applications.

Premium-Grade Aluminum and Steel-Reinforced Construction

The 49X cab features a cutting-edge combination of premium-grade aluminum and steel reinforcements, providing exceptional strength and durability. This hybrid construction allows for a lighter weight without compromising on the structural integrity of the cab, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and payload capacity. Additionally, the X-Series steel door offers enhanced resistance against impact and corrosion, ensuring a longer service life.

Enhanced Safety and Lighter Weight

Safety is a top priority for the 49X, and the cab is designed to provide maximum protection for operators. The large, one-piece windshield offers an expansive field of vision, reducing blind spots and enhancing overall safety. The optional impact-resistant and heated windshields further improve visibility and durability in harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the cab is equipped with advanced safety systems such as Detroit Assurance, which includes features like Active Brake Assist 5, Adaptive Cruise Control, Side Guard Assist, and more, to ensure the safety of both operators and surrounding traffic.

49X Cab: Operator Comfort Redefined

The 49X cab boasts a range of features that cater to operator comfort and convenience. The cab is available in three interior colors and two trim levels - X-Series Base and X-Series Premium - offering a customizable experience. The ergonomically-designed interior features a driver command center with six gauges and a central LCD screen, a multi-function steering wheel with integrated controls, and an adjustable steering column for enhanced operator comfort.

The 49X: A Fusion of Convenience and Innovation

The 49X offers a variety of convenient features such as QuickFit Dash Access for easy wire routing, remote mirror and window control switches, extra-large cupholders, and a proprietary FlexPanel for easy integration of body controls or additional switches and gauges.

In summary, the 49X cab is designed with the operator in mind, providing a safe, comfortable, and customizable environment while ensuring durability and lightweight construction for optimal performance in severe service applications.

Western Star 49x Interior Color options and features

Tough on the outside. Very comfortable on the inside. *Please note, not all color combinations / options are shown. Contact us for all available options.



49X Powertrain: Exceptional Performance, Versatility, and Power for Diverse Applications

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Unleashing the Power of the 49X: Detroit Engine Performance and Reliability

The 49X's powertrain features highly reliable and efficient Detroit engine options, which have a strong reputation for delivering outstanding performance across diverse applications. The powertrain choices include the Detroit DD15, ranging from 400-505 HP and 1550-1850 lb-ft, and the Detroit DD16, offering 500-600 HP and 1850-2050 lb-ft. These powerful engines not only ensure excellent performance but also provide confidence in the truck's ability to tackle the toughest jobs.

The 49X Powertrain: Versatility and Adaptability across Diverse Applications

The 49X powertrain is highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of applications, such as construction sites, quarries, logging, and on-road transportation. In addition to the Detroit engine options, there are Cummins engines available, including the Cummins X12 with 350-500 HP and 1450-1700 lb-ft, and the Cummins X15 with 400-605 HP and 1450-2050 lb-ft. The adaptability of the powertrain ensures that it can cater to the specific needs of your operation, providing an ideal solution regardless of the environment or demands.

The 49X Powertrain: Tailored Efficiency and Versatility for Any Challenge

The 49X powertrain is designed with efficiency, durability, and flexibility in mind. With a variety of transmission options such as Detroit DT12-V, Detroit DT12-VX, Allison Automatic 4000, 4500, 4700, Eaton Fuller Manual 10-, 13-, 18-speed; 8LL and 9ALL, and Eaton Ultrashift PLUS and Endurant AMT, there's a perfect match for your specific application. Additionally, the 49X offers intuitive and easy-to-use Power Take-offs (PTOs), including factory-installed transmission PTOs, FEPTO, and REPTO options. The comprehensive powertrain details are designed to provide seamless integration and optimal performance, ensuring that the 49X can tackle any challenge with ease.



The 49X: Designed for Seamless Upfit and Versatile Applications in Heavy-Duty Trucking

The 49X: An Ideal Choice for Truck Equipment Manufacturers

The 49X is specifically designed with Truck Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) in mind, ensuring seamless integration of various truck equipment and components. This focus on compatibility allows for smooth upfitting, making the 49X a versatile choice for a range of applications and industries.

The 49X: A Versatile and Adaptable Truck for Diverse Business Needs

With a design tailored to ease the body upfit process, the 49X can accommodate a wide variety of truck types, including dump trucks, cement mixers, cranes, and more. This versatility makes the 49X an ideal choice for businesses and operators who require a rugged and adaptable truck for their specific needs.

The 49X: The Pinnacle of Upfit Efficiency and Adaptability in Heavy-Duty Trucks

The 49X comes with features that simplify the upfit process, enabling faster and more efficient access to wiring and controls. This streamlined design allows for seamless integration of various truck components and equipment, making the 49X a reliable and adaptable choice for those in need of a heavy-duty vocational truck. With its advanced engineering and commitment to upfit compatibility, the 49X is an innovative and industry-leading option for businesses and operators alike.


THE WESTERN STAR 49X Unique Features.

The 49X: Engineering Excellence. Combining Power, Durability, and Innovative Design

Catering to high-power applications, the Power Hood on the 49X combines traditional hood style with the need for high power, making it suitable for tackling the toughest and steepest terrains.

Designed to expand heavy haul capabilities, the Meritor P600 planetary axle is available in tandem or tridem configurations for heavy haul applications with GCWs of 200,000+ lbs.

The 49X features forged steel door hinges that are internally mounted for protection from the elements. This design ensures greater durability and prevents sagging, a common issue found with piano hinges.

The innovative trench-style low roof features a composite material with a lowered center section, enabling optimized packaging of overcab equipment. This design provides a purpose-built vehicle that minimizes overall vehicle height while maximizing interior headroom and door opening.


THE WESTERN STAR 49X Uptime and Productivity.

Maximizing uptime and productivity is essential for vocational trucks, and the 49X offers a range of features designed to ensure that your trucks stay on the job and continue to generate revenue.

The Western Star 49X: Detroit Connect for real-time performance data

Detroit Connect® is a cutting-edge telematics solution that enables fleet managers to access real-time performance data for their trucks. This information helps in making informed decisions to optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and keep trucks operating at peak performance. With Detroit Connect, you can monitor engine performance, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and more. This data allows you to identify trends, address issues proactively, and make adjustments that can lead to significant cost savings and increased uptime.

The Western Star 49x: Keeping trucks working and earning

The 49X is designed to keep your trucks working and earning. Its robust construction, advanced safety features, and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your trucks can handle the demands of severe service applications, while minimizing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

The 49X's advanced safety systems, including the Detroit Assurance® suite, help to prevent accidents and reduce repair and operational costs. Its best-in-class HVAC system, ergonomic driver-focused design, and comfortable interior help to improve driver satisfaction and retention, which translates to greater productivity and profitability for your fleet.

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