The Freightliner EconicSD™ is a truck built for one purpose—to redefine the refuse category.


Freightliner EconicSD: Severe Duty Refuse Truck

Freightliner econicSD garbage truck with extended hydraulic arm on a clear day

A Purpose-Built Garbage Truck

Leveraging Daimler's global engineering prowess and generations of hands-on experience, the Freightliner EconicSD™ delivers an accessible, low-entry, safe and adaptive cabover-engine, or COE, vehicle to the North American market. Combining versatility, ergonomics and convenience, this garbage truck provides an innovative solution for the North American waste collection industry, packed with practical features to help you get the job done, day in and day out.

Turns on a Dime

Getting in and out of tight spots in urban and residential areas is essential for waste collection vehicles. This garbage truck makes navigating through urban areas safer and less stressful. A short wheelbase means superior maneuverability. A low cab design provides a low frame height and center of gravity for enhanced stability.

Close-up of Freightliner econicSD truck tire and chassis details

Top-down view of Freightliner econicSD truck showing complete chassis layout

Engineered for Upfit

Engineering this truck for the rigors of North American waste collection, Freightliner worked closely with leading refuse equipment manufacturers to bring it to market with new, fully integrated waste-collection solutions. Two configurations outfit rear-load and side-load garbage truck bodies or front loader garbage trucks.

Designed for Next-Level Safety

From the inside out, this vehicle was designed to bring innovative safety to waste collection. Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems comes standard on this truck, making the EconicSD the only COE refuse truck in North America that features a collision mitigation system. The panoramic visibility, low step-in height and ergonomic interior add even more safety features to help make waste collection routes safer.

Freightliner econicSD garbage truck with side view, showing size comparison to a sedan
Isolated view of Freightliner econicSD garbage truck on white background

Detroit Assurance

The EconicSD is the only COE refuse truck in North America to feature a collision mitigation system. With its standard Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems , panoramic visibility, low step-in height and ergonomic interior, waste collection routes just got safer.

Innovative Low-Entry Concept

Getting in and out of the cab is much easier, with one step to get in and one more to reach the driver platform. Step-in height is about 19 inches, half the height of most conventional and COE refuse trucks. A kneeling feature further reduces step-in height of this Freightliner cabover, and a lifting feature improves obstacle clearance.

Driver wearing safety vest climbing into Freightliner econicSD garbage truck
Driver's perspective inside the cab of a Freightliner econicSD on the road

Panoramic Visibility

From the outset of design and engineering phases, enhancing visibility for drivers was prioritized. A panoramic windshield, coupled with a lower seat orientation, maximizes field of vision for work areas and potential blind spots. The mirror system provides superior visibility for operators.

Ergonomic Interior

Ergonomics was an important consideration in this garbage truck's development, with thoughtful design promoting productivity. The cab is spacious and comfortable, including an air-suspended driver’s seat with multi-axis adjustment. Switches and controls are designed for intuitive operation and located within easy reach of the driver.

Detailed interior view of Freightliner econicSD driver's seat and dashboard
Close-up of Freightliner econicSD truck's steering wheel and dashboard controls

Modern Seating and Dashboard

This vehicle was built for maximum driver comfort and productivity. The incredibly spacious, comfortable cabover interior features a modern, digital instrument cluster displayed on an LCD screen utilizing intuitive steering wheel controls. Complete with a heated, suspended driver's seat with multi-axis adjustment, the EconicSD seeks to redefine the refuse operator experience.

Globally Validated North American Solution

Adapted from the European vocational Mercedes-Benz Econic, this truck leverages Daimler AG’s global engineering prowess to perfectly optimize a COE truck for North American waste collection, delivering unparalleled safety, uptime and productivity.

Freightliner econicSD garbage truck driving on city street with overpass in background

Powerful Detroit DD8 Engine

This cabover waste collection truck features a 350 HP DD8™ engine with 1050 lb-ft of torque, variable cam phasing technology for efficient aftertreatment performance and the longest maintenance intervals in its class. It also features a high-performance engine brake and Detroit Connect Virtual Technician

Detailed view of Freightliner engine with cooling fan
Freightliner trucks awaiting service outside brightly lit SERVICE sign at night

Legen- ...wait for it... -dary! Legendary Customer Support

With over 400 dealership locations, more than 190 Elite Support SM Certified dealers and a 24/7, toll-free hotline, no matter where you are in North America, Freightliner is there to help you maximize your uptime.

Designed for Waste Collection

If a truck isn't working, it's not making you money. That's why uptime has always been a priority for Freightliner. From design and engineering to quality control and assembly, the durability of this cabover truck will keep you running strong.

Freightliner econicSD refuse truck with open hopper under blue sky
Bird's-eye view of Freightliner truck surrounded by safety and driver assist icons

Virtual Technicial

The EconicSD comes standard with Detroit Connect Virtual Technician , a remote diagnostic service that empowers fleets to make fast, informed service decisions by transmitting data to the experts at the Detroit® Customer Support Center. Within minutes, fleet managers know the severity of an issue and the best way to solve it.