Born from the driver's need.

A transparent image of the 49x truck with a roll off dump.

Western Star 57x

The Western Star 57X: Redefining what a highway truck should be

Experience the culmination of innovation, dedication, and engineering prowess with the Western Star 57X. Every facet of the 57X is meticulously designed to cater to the modern driver's demands, marrying toughness with state-of-the-art features. As the latest marvel in the Western Star X-Series lineage, it stands as a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled performance, safety, and comfort. Whether you're traversing bustling city streets or navigating long stretches of open highway, the 57X is purpose-built to enhance your driving experience, reward your efforts, and bolster your operational efficiency. Dive in, and discover what makes the 57X the pinnacle of highway trucks.

Cab Features

Western Star 57x: Elevated Cab Experience

A Harmonious Blend of Comfort and Functionality

The Most Driver-Focused Truck On The Road

Ensuring drivers feel at home and in control was paramount in the design of the 57X. The cab seamlessly blends function with comfort. At the heart lies the new digital dash display – vibrant, easy-to-read, and customizable to every driver's preference. Beyond the dashboard is the luxurious driver's lounge. It boasts options like a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, dinette, and even a full-size Murphy-style bed. Every journey feels like a first-class experience.


THE WESTERN STAR 57X: Revolution in Road Efficiency.

Where Aerodynamics Meet Fuel Economy.

Advanced Aerodynamics and Unrivaled Fuel Efficiency

Pushing the boundaries of aerodynamic design, the 57X promises both performance and savings. Combined with the latest powertrain technologies, the result is the most fuel-efficient highway truck in Western Star’s history. Every curve and contour is meticulously crafted to reduce drag and improve fuel consumption.

Digital Dash & Connectivity

THE WESTERN STAR 57X: Next-Gen Digital Interface.

Driving Intelligence to the Forefront

State-of-the-Art Digital Interface & Seamless Connectivity

The heart of the 57X's interface is its 12" A-panel display and the 10" B-panel – designed to offer all necessary data and entertainment effortlessly. Thanks to Detroit Connect®, the truck also marks a significant leap in productivity. Detroit Connect translates performance data into actionable insights, ensuring your truck spends more time on the road and less in the workshop.

Chassis & Design

THE WESTERN STAR 57X: Ruggedness Reimagined.

Merging Structural Integrity with Aesthetic Brilliance

Durability Meets Elegance in Design

Underpinning the 57X is the robust Daimler corporate chassis - a testament to millions of miles of proven performance. Complementing this strength are the steel-reinforced aluminum doors with internally mounted hinges, ensuring durability without sagging. The icing on the cake is the C-Bar Mirror System, which offers optimal stability and aerodynamics, promoting safety and fuel efficiency.