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Freightliner: Vin Decoder

Freightliner: Vin Decoder

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Vin Decoder Information

Vin Information

NEW and Improved

We have completely remade our vindecoder from scratch to give our customers a better experience. A better error detection system, 10x faster, and more powerful than before. Keep an eye out, our ALL MAKES vindecoder will be available soon.

Simple but deceptively powerful

Our simple but deceptively powerful vindecoders help you decode your vin in a matter of seconds. Get vital information about your truck fast. Gross vehicle weight ratio, Brake type, Fuel, Engine model, Engine configuration, Chassis information is just a taste of what information our vindecoder can get. Ever wondered where your truck was built? Get the Country - state - town and factory name of where your truck was built. Click the "Freightliner Vindecoder" on the left navigation to start decoding!

What is a vin?

The Vin is the "Vehicle Identification Number" A 17-digit "name" made up of numbers and characters, that Daimler assigns to individual trucks, which means every single Western Star truck and Freightliner truck will have a unique 17 digit code. Which will specifically reference back to a single truck.

Freightliner truck vin location

The vast majority of VIN numbers for Freightliner and Westernstar trucks can be found on the inner back portion of the trim on the drivers side door. There will be a placard with detailed information about your truck, including, your complete vin number.